What are the upcoming features of iRT Calendar?

Note: For Standard, Pro, Ultra versions, prices increase as features become available.Those who purchase early get the features available plus new features as they come for free. There are no guarantees that all features will be implemented, all are subject to technical limitations of the device or as business allows


Standard Version (iRT Calendar on the Android Market)
  • Research, startup/default view from shortcut  
  • Add preference to show Description on Day view
  • Sort multiple all day events consistently
  • Month view -- preference to increase the font sizes for day and header
  • Add default start time preference for new events
  • Day view Preference, add show week number preference
  • Day view -- event info opening preference -- single or double tap
  • Event counter preference -- add more preference in displaying the event counter
  • Banner for multi-day event
  • Month view -- add week numbers
  • Day view -- drag and drop to adjust time
  • Widgets - agenda, week, month 
  • Year View


Pro Version (iRT Calendar Pro Key on the Android Market)

      Note: requires iRT Calendar (does not support Android Calendar for Android 1.5)

Ultra Version (Soon, pricing TBD)
  • All of Pro Version features, plus...
  • Synch with Exchange (Check if already possible with current Standard version)
  • Synch with Outlook