iRT Calendar comes in four versions

1. iRT Calendar

The standard version of iRT Calendar which packs a lot of event management features and multiple views with elegant icons. A highly configurable calendar for maximum user comfort. Upgradable with Pro Key to unlock the professional version features.

2. iRT Calendar Pro Key

A key that upgrades the iRT Calendar to the professional version which adds more essential features like custom repeats, custom reminders, mark as complete, highligt events, float single and recurrring events, change font style, color and background. This requires a separate purchase of iRT Calendar.

3. iRT Calendar for Android 1.5

Supports most of the power features and elegant design of iRT Calendar. Phones with Android 1.5 however have limitations in terms of hardware capability and modern Android features thus making it not upgradable with the Pro Key for professional version features.
4. iRT Calendar Pro Trial
The trial version of iRT Calendar Pro Key and iRT Calendar. iRT Calendar Pro Trial can be installed side by side with iRT Calendar if the user wants to try iRT Calendar Pro Trial before buying the iRT Calendar Pro Key. Data backups from iRT Calendar Pro Trial can be used to restore data on iRT Calendar but if some Pro features have been saved on the Pro Trial it would appear on iRT Calendar but won't be modifiable, decorators like font color, done indicator, highlight or float. Note: iRT Calendar Pro Key does not unlock this trial version, you need to buy iRT Calendar and iRT Calendar Pro Key to get the full version, see items #1 and #2 above and uninstall this trial version.

PURCHASING the correct iRT Calendar version

(Currently, iRT Calendar is only available on the Android market.)

Determine the Android phone version by going to Home Phone View -> Menu ->  Settings -> About phone -> Software information -> Android version. 

  • If Android version is 1.5, purchase iRT Calendar for Android 1.5
  • If Android version is 1.6 or higher, purchase iRT Calendar.
  • To purchase iRT Calendar Pro, buy iRT Calendar and iRT Calendar Pro Key. 

Product Comparison Chart


iRT Calendar for Android 1.5 

iRT Calendar

iRT Calendar Pro Key

Android Version 1.5  1.6 or higher  1.6 or higher 
Multiple Google Calendar Support Yes Yes Yes
Day/Week/Month views Yes Yes Yes
Event icons Yes Yes Yes
ISO 8601 week number Yes Yes Yes
Day number -- Yes Yes
Quick Goto Yes Yes Yes
Advanced saved search Yes Yes Yes
Quick Search All Yes Yes Yes
Move to any date -- Yes Yes
Move to Today Yes Yes Yes
Move to next day Yes Yes Yes
Duplicate event Yes Yes Yes
12/24 hr format Yes Yes Yes
Start day Sunday or Monday Yes Yes Yes
Next event indicator style -- Yes Yes
Current/Next event indicator Yes Yes Yes
Event Decorator backup  Yes Yes Yes
Default view day, week, month (use widget) Yes Yes Yes
Next event widget Yes Yes Yes
Day View extensive appearance preferences -- Yes Yes
Sync Now (Android 2.0 and higher) -- Yes Yes
Upgradable to Pro version with Pro Key -- Yes N/A
Custom Repeat -- -- Yes
Custom Reminder -- -- Yes
Mark as done -- -- Yes
Highlight event -- -- Yes
Float single and recurring events -- -- Yes
Event title style -- -- Yes
Event font color -- -- Yes
Event title background color -- -- Yes