iRT Calendar

iRT Calendar is a Google Calendar Android interface that features

  • Multiple calendar support
  • Event icons         
  • Day/Week/Month views                                        
  • Month view display mode - -show icon only, title only, or both
  • Display ISO 8601 week number
  • Quick goto
  • Advanced saved search
  • Quick search All
  • Duplicate events
  • Move events to Today, next day, or any day quickly
  • Preference for default view -- day/week/month
  • Preference to start days on Sunday or Monday
  • Preference for 12/24 hr format
  • Configurable view style
  • Time from now
  • Current/Next event indicator with remaining time
  • Event decorator multiple backup on SD card
  • Next event widget 
  • And more...

iRT Calendar Pro Key

iRT Calendar Pro Key unlocks the professional version features of iRT Calendar

  • All of iRT Calendar features plus:
  • Custom Repeat -- unlimited way of scheduling your events; edit repeating events
  • iRT GTasks Outliner integration
  • Custom Reminder -- very flexible reminder setup; can setup reminders up to 4 weeks (Google Calendar limitation)
  • Float events -- move events to current day until marked as completed; floats single and recurring events
  • Mark events as complete
  • Highlight Events
  • Event title style
  • Event title color
  • Event title background color
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